Face What's Inside
While there are apps to prevent an anxiety or panic attack, there is not one that helps people during these stressful moments. That's why we created Oizys, an Apple Watch app that turns on as the heart rate skyrockets and lets people perform calming exercises. 
As women are twice as likely to have anxiety than men, our goal was to raise awareness of this new product where women came together
How It Works:
1. When someone’s BPM goes up, a pop-up (“Start a random exercise?”) will appear on the Apple Watch. 
2. Users will be able to answer “yes,” “no,” or “open app” and perform calming exercises to help them through an anxiety or panic attack.
3 .When finished, the user can close the app or can call 911 if needed.

Gym/Yoga Studio
Art Director: Elise Brandwein
My Role: Copywriter
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