Stories have always been special to me. Maybe it’s because I’m from the land of pines and marshes – small town Coastal Georgia – a place rarely-if-ever seen in movies, books, or fairy tales. So I decided to make my own. 
From dancing to drawing, I have always wanted to step into a good story. Maybe it’s because I wanted to experience a new place, era, or harbor magic. Maybe it’s because little to nothing happened in Camden. But there was always something happening in stories.
In high school, it was ballet. In college, it was screenplays. Now, I want to create everything. From commercials to apps, manifestos to social posts, books to scripts, my desire to create long and short stories knows no bounds. 
That’s what makes me a writer. 
Coworker Reviews: 
"Marena is a hard worker and adapts quickly to different projects. Even when she has a lot of tasks on her plate she maintains a can-do attitude."
"One thing I was specifically impressed by is the initiative she took to get the audit rolling and scheduling a team meeting for us to talk plans through!"
"One of Marena's strengths is working well under pressure. I've seen how well she is organized to make sure she gets all her tasks done."
"Whenever we are collaborating she's very quick and is prepared for anything."
"She is a strong podmate, copywriter, and Thrasher. I am so happy to be working with her. I can always count on her."
"Honestly, Marena has been such an amazing podmate. As our only copywriter, she has managed to juggle so many different requests from many different people and even when I need a quick copy change for something, she responds almost immediately."
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