Uncharted Fear
Young Millennials and Gen Z fear they cannot control their futures. AMC’s The Terror, a horror drama TV series where the Erebus and Terror ships fail to find the Northwest Passage, understands what it’s like to lack agency shown through the eyes of a sailor.​​​​​​​
Subway Ad Extension
Immersive wrap with poster alongside subway doors.
Can't Skip Ad :15
1st 5 seconds: Viewer looks out of a round 1800s-esque diving helmet as they head down into the frozen ocean. It’s dark and ice floats above. The “skip” button appears and slowly begins to ice over.
2nd 5 seconds: The viewer looks around and spies something: a dead body floats directly towards them. The “skip” button is entirely frozen over.
3rd 5 seconds: The viewer pulls a rope to be hoisted up as the dead body floats closer. Voice Over: Hate waiting for your video to start? Try waiting for your crew to hoist you out of the ocean. 
Screen fades to black.
Art Director: Shelby Ullman
My Role: Copywriter
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