People will attach memories to items that relate to an event and remember them when using the items later. As Darn Tough Socks can last over 10 years, there can be 10 years worth of stories made and saved – and we want to highlight the most memorable ones.
Campfire Starter Extension
Darn Tough Socks washes all of their socks so they shrink to the appropriate size, creating a lot of lint. Lint is a great fire starter and will be included with each pair of socks. We will ask people to share their stories with us on social media to use across our campaign.
Around the Campfire Podcast Extension
Not all stories have to be told in person. As people share their stories through social media, Darn Tough Socks has the opportunity to interview them and share their stories through an anthology podcast. These stories would influence the long-copy print and TV spots as well.
Coming soon.
Art Director: Shelby Ullman
My Role: Copywriter
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