Tiffany & Co. wants to embrace Gen Z’s forward-thinking ideas by embracing a new meaning to inheritance – including the jewelry, the legacy, and ultimately the earth itself. Introducing: ReLoved by Tiffany, a Tiffany’s-only line that resells classic pieces that are polished and ready for you to fall in love with again.
Please note: I am so excited about this project that I couldn't help but post it.        Professional art direction coming soon!
Phase 1: 
ReLoved by Tiffany Teasers
Phase 2: ReLoved by Tiffany Launch​​​​​​​
Exclusive 100% Recyclable, Biodegradable, Seed-Filled-Paper Bags
Phase 3:
ReLoved by Tiffany Ads

My Role: Copywriter
Art Director: Coming Soon
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