Spoiler Review of THE CRUEL PRINCE by Holly Black

#MediaGalReads review of Holly Black’s THE CRUEL PRINCE with spoilers.

As THE WICKED KING comes out tomorrow, I decided to write a review of THE CRUEL PRINCE, the first of Holly Black’s The Folk of the Air trilogy. This post CONTAINS SPOILERS. If you would like to read the spoiler free post click here. To begin, here is the summary and a quick review before the extended review:

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Currently Reading

Happy Friday!

I often find myself reading one book and then switch in the middle of book #1 to reading book #2 to sometimes jumping to book #3. It’s never really due to the story or writing. Often I’m just like “Squirrel!” and something else just exciting and enticing pulls me away.

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Pen Scratches: Pitch Wars & The ATLFF


I’m pinching myself a bit as I read the date of my last blog post — granted I have been keeping up with my Journalism page (go check it out!). But I thought I would do some fun writing here, and what’s more fun than writing about, well, writing?

(Trick question, I know. Answer: not much 😉 )

Today I’ll spill about submitting to Pitch Wars in honor of the #PitMad event happening today and about volunteering for the Atlanta Film Festival.

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