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Wow, it has almost been two months since I’ve last published a post and my blog goal—like many others as of recent—is figuring how to change things for the better.

It has also been almost two months since I’ve graduated and I am still working on finding a part-time or full-time job. I have applied for a few jobs and I am still looking for more to apply for–so fingers crossed–something will come up soon. I have been very fortunate however to begin working for a freelancing company besides freelancing for a few other publications (which I will post on here and my social media when the articles become available to read). I am thankful for these opportunities and this is a good step in the right direction. I hope to continue working as a freelancer for more publications in the future.

Other ideas that I am going to try to mess with include trying to be a freelance editor and edit people’s work. With living near a university hopefully that will be beneficial for opportunities. Creatively, I’ve been working on a long project that is still in the beginning draft mode. I am almost finished with the first draft and I hope that it might be something that people can read and enjoy one day. As I have worked on some creative work while in college, I have looked into going into self-publishing, such as with Kindle Publishing, with some of it. It could be a good start for any writer who wants to experiment with publishing (if you are interested, I just read an article by blogger, writer, and podcast creator Tim Farris here about self-publishing).

Another idea I have is here with my blog. I just renamed it from general Blog to MG: Media Gal Blog. Why Media Gal? Well, for one, my initials are MG and it works out well. But, for two, I consume, like most people, a whole lot of media. From books to podcasts to articles to art and beyond that, I enjoy finding interesting things to which I enjoy sharing with my friends and family. My new goal is to produce a few times a week (at least) about a 500 word blog post about interesting media I come across whether that is a book I’m reading or a movie I saw. It is both good practice with writing and also I’m able to share something I enjoy (I was a Mass Media Arts major after all). I hope that you, the audience, will appreciate my finds as much as I do.

Like most recent graduates, I understand that the next few months are going to be a challenge, but I am ready for it. I’m curious and hopeful about where I may go, what I might do and who I may meet along the way. If you are interested in keeping up with my writing feel free to follow me on my Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter pages.

Thanks for stopping by!

MG, Media Gal

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